Vibrating screen bearings

Vibrating screens, also known as shaker screens, subject bearings to extremeoperating conditions. High g forces due «g» to constant acceleration and impact from material on the bed require bearings with extra capacity and robust cages. The high loads cause deflection of the shafts and housings so the bearings must accommodate misalignment in operation. Lastly, the application subjects the bearings to high speeds and highly contaminated environments so the bearings must operate smoothly and have minimalfriction.

These bearings can be used in mining, construction, aggregate, asphalt recycling, steel manufacturing, and general industrial equipment where heavy loads, vibration, and impact loads are common. Typical example sinclude vibrating screens and crushers.

Features Asymmetrical roller design

  • Reduced slidingfriction
  • Less tendancy for roller to skew during operation
  • Fewer internalforces in bearing

Forgedinner and outer rings

  • Uniform steel grain structure
  • Improvedfatigue life

Open end cage design

  • Ease of assembly
  • Facilitates lubrication

Two-piecemachined bronze retainer

  • Allows differential speed between roller sets reducing retainer stresses

Inner and outer ring special heat treatment

  • Improved fatigue life

Outer ring guided

  • Higher operating speeds
  • Improved lubrication of guiding surface

Technical specifications and detailed description by reference:

Vibrating screen bearings