Spherical roller thrust bearings

Roller Thrust Bearings

Roller thrust bearings carry pure thrust, or axial, loads with little or no radial forces. They use barrel-shaped rolling elements to carry single- or double-direction thrust loads. These rollers have a length perpendicular to the shaft and have different shapes that affect the bearing's efficiency. The two rings on roller thrust bearings, called washers, are also configured with different shapes and designs. They can be flat, grooved, tapered, concave, convex, or grooved. There are several different types of roller thrust bearings. Cylindrical roller thrust bearings contain slightly crowned rollers that work well in one-direction thrust applications. Needle roller thrust bearings contain long, thin cylindrical rollers in a spoke-like configuration. Tapered roller thrust bearings contain conical rollers for single- or double-direction thrust loads. A tapered raceway matches each side of the rollers for smooth rolling motion. Spherical roller thrust bearings contain contoured rollers arranged in a steep, angular position. Spherical roller thrust bearings are self-aligning and capable of accommodating shaft misalignment.

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

Spherical roller thrust bearings comprise a consistent, entire manufacturing program both in dimensional and design series 292, 293 and 294, being in compliance with the international standards ISO by their design and manufacturing process. Quality management system of the whole manufacturing process of spherical roller thrust bearings is certified according to international standards series 9000.

Contrary to other thrust bearings the spherical roller thrust bearings loads are transferred from one raceway to the other under certain angle; this enables to accommodate also radial load in addition to axial load. Spherical roller thrust bearings are separable, therefore the shaft ring with cage and spherical rollers and housing(outer) ring can be installed individually. Another important feature of these bearings is their ability to tilt, which allows the possibility of alignment of shaft deflection and of verticality deviation to the housing.

Spherical roller thrust bearings are produced, in dependence to size and type, in two designs in standard and E design. Outstanding feature of bearings of E design are their higher utility parameters, they represent a new generation of spherical roller thrust bearings. Being of identical main dimensions, they have upper utility properties. Both designs can be produced with machined brass cage M or with steel sheet cage J.

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The inner space of spherical roller thrust bearings can be efficiently utilized. Therefore they are suitable for accommodation of great load at relatively high speed frequency. The bearings are capable to accommodate in addition to axial load also certain radial forces, anyhow these must be of smaller value than 55 percent of simultaneously acting axial force. Housing ring spherical raceway enables to align verticality deviations between the shaft and housing.

For their high utility values the spherical roller thrust bearings find wide application in many fields and industrial sectors.

They are mainly used in the following installations:

  • medium and heavy-duty forming machines;
  • ship drive shafts;
  • drilling rigs of all types and sizes;
  • medium and heavy-duty cranes including crane hooks;
  • pumps of medium and large sizes and capacities;
  • mining tunnelling machines and mining engineering;
  • heavy load swivelling turntables of installations in open pit mines and stone quarries;
  • power plant engineering (turbines, generating sets, electric motors).

Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

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Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings