Insulated bearings

Insulated bearings

Electrical pitting often occurs in bearings used in electrical equipment, such as motors and power generators, as a result of current leakage. An electrical current present near a bearing can flow to the inside of the bearing, causing sparks that damage the rolling contact surface, ultimately leading to bearing failure. This electrical pitting and can be prevented with coated bearings.

Insulated bearings has been specifically designed to counteract electrical pitting. Coating the outer ring of the bearing provides a barrier (capable of resisting at least 100 M at 500 VDC) against any stray currents that would pass through the bearing.

The Coating Process

The plasma spraying process in volves generating an arc between two electrodes to ionize a no blegas that is issued from the plasma torch. The resulting plasma jet is used to carry the injected aluminum oxide powder. This powder is melted by the heat and sprayed at high speed on to the out erring. When applied in this manner, the oxide layer adheres extremely well to the base material. It is then sealed and ground to size. This unique technology has the following benefits:

  • Plasma spraying is the most versatile thermal coating process it produces high-performance coatings that deliver durability and reliability.
  • The process applies coatings by injecting aluminum oxide powder into a high temperature gas stream.
  • The plasma gas heats the powdered coating material to a molten state and sprays it onto substrates at high speeds.

Plasma spraying is extremely flexible and is ideal for producing a wide variety of functional coatings.

Technical specifications and detailed description by reference:

Insulated bearings